Soup Studio

Soup studio is an intentionally-built studio. It is a place to record large or small live bands, solo artists, choirs, and even orchestras. This place is set up by Simon Trought in 2001. After moving to various locations, this Soup Studio was finally rooted at Thames House, Cable Street, London.

Past studio designs were known for their cozy atmosphere. At present, the Soup Studio is critically designed by engineers, from top roofing to walls and floors, for analogue recording while retaining that positive impression and improving it into a better, more comfortable and spacious environment to mix and record music. Pro Tools are available in the Soup Studio to get the best digital records. However, in conjunction with this tool, an analogue tape machine is also utilized to produce an alternate results for analogue records.

Mastering Services

The goal is to take your mix to let it stand out on any stereo, headphones, radio, or laptop speakers your baby might end up getting played through.

Home Records Mixing

Producers who do the majority of their recording at home can come into the studio for certain touches that require professional equipment or expertise.


Soup Studio aims to bring the best out of your recordings through the extensive collection of Pro Tools plugins and outboard gear.

Voiceovers & Podcasting

Soup Studio is an ideal place for smaller projects - vocals, voiceovers, podcasting or pre-production.